10th Design Week PUC-Rio 2016


Editorial version of the documentary “Promises”, composed by interviews of 6 Israeli & Palestinian children talking about the conflict by their point of view. The project is composed by 6 fascicles in a box ready to be mailed, each one telling a child’s story in first-person, like if they were writing a letter to the reader and he will discover it. ​​​All of them have the same size, but unfold in different ways and connect to each other, reinforcing the idea of different stories, but equality also. To give context, there is information about the conflict in the box. When the children meet in the story, it's only possible to read if one put the last pages of each together, to emphasize the dialogue. The identity system has a collection of stamps that reinforce mailing characteristics and provides navigation through the booklets.


The letters’ verbal content was completely transcripted and translated from the original dialogues. The project visual identity and each letter own personalizations​ ​were based on the​ ​photography of the film,​ ​the environment of certain scenes and specific frames. From this material we extracted color palettes, related to climatic characteristics of the Middle East. The main challenge was to give to the print media the amount of visual information and power that audiovisual content has (example: the whole film is in hebrew and arabic) and keep the non-linear original narrative. “Promessas: cartas para sempre” gives voice to the stories of seven Israeli and Palestinian children who were born and raised in a war zone. Read their letters and understand how every religion creates invisible, yet gigantic barriers.






with Julia Aguiar + Vitor Lifsitch

orientation Nathalia Cavalcante + João Vitor



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