manda memes




Latin American Design Awards 2019
Student Branding


For my final project at PUC-Rio I decided to study a contemporary visual language still not really explored academically. After studying the subject for almost a year, the content was compiled in an exhibition for CCBB Rio. Memes are the democratizing medium of our digital society. Easy to make and to share; easy to recognize and a little peculiar. From popular culture to politics, memes come up to understand, problematize, and share thoughts about literally anything. In the post-internet world, nothing escapes its eyes.


"Manda Memes (Send Memes): The Rhetoric of Internet Memes" is the first exhibition in the world which explores the critical thinking behind the meme culture, from its origin to its consequences. The pieces highlight the creative and narrative potential of this form of expression, often mistakenly understood as low culture or silliness.







orientation Roberta Portas + Izabel Oliveira

3D Michel Zalis — PUC-Rio


Through 7 rooms, the exhibition explores the paradox between the simplicity and the complexity of the internet memes phenomenon, aiming to expand previous knowledge on this thematic and to counter stereotypes about the cultural relevance of this visual language. The spaces approach the infinite range of the theme, passing through the formal and discursive characteristics that compose it, unveiling the impact it can cause and inviting the viewer to be the author.


Manda Memes is an invitation to reflect on this phenomenon and its impacts in the real world, raising (many) reflections and giving (some) answers. What is a meme? Is Meme art? Why do they work? Who cares? Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do I like this?" Me too. That's why I created this exhibition. Come and see memes. Make memes. Become memes.