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More than a space of culture and learning, the Jewish Museum of São Paulo connects people, dialogues, and values ​​under the Jewish culture. The challenge was to transform the Jewish Museum into a relevant space beyond the Jews, expanding the knowledge about Jewish culture in Brazil. For this, it was fundamental to find elements of intersection between the diverse cultures present in our country.


We at TUUT started the project from a strategic process of immersion and translation of the Museum's values ​​into concepts that outlined all future actions of the brand. To translate it visually, we seek inspiration in the braid, a recurring symbol in Jewish iconography. The figure conveys one of its main values: the union and the encounter between parts that live together. With shapes that intertwine in diagonals and end in open ends, the brand expresses an avid personality by connection and exchange, bringing diversity as the engine of change.







developed @ TUUT, 2016

project manager Theo Carvalho

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