Fowz (@befowz) is a clothing brand created from and for the internet and generation Z. For them, there's no difference between online and offline world, because they have always been connected since birth. They live life by creating shareable experiences through the specific use of social media and believing that being you is the new cool. They can be a million identities in one living in a world of possibilities, where their biggest idols are just within reach recording vlogs and talking to them all day every day.


For this project, we have been through an extensive process of market research and interviews with the target to create a brand that speaks to this generation. The brand behaves like an influencer. This visual system embraces emoji language as well as graphic elements that resemble a modern visualization of the internet and organically generated content. For its launching campaign, we didn't tell anyone we were a clothing brand and created a series of games and puzzles through Instagram stories as a teaser. Also, we allowed public access to branded shareable content so our followers could play with their friends and share our ideas. In this project, we developed the brand strategy, the visual identity, the clothes, all the printed and digital material and creative direction to the fashion film.




art direction

fashion design






@ cb+jb with Julia Aguiar


client FOWZ — Gabriel Neox + joão Pedro Afonso + Mario Augusto Sá + Victor Eagle

marketing Luisa Rodrigues + Izabel Vieira

design assistant Victor Jobim

ecommerce photos Vintepoucos filmes


film Sweat Projects - Raphael Mamberti + Lucas Luz

editorial photos Victor Ronccally + Marcel Blanco

post production Pedro Magalhães

creative direction Cadu Bocai + Julia B Aguiar

styling Antonio Schuback

beauty Piu Gontijo + Anna Pitthan

production Luisa Rodrigues + Izabel Vieira + Bianca Baker

models Bruna Novellino + Juliette Ozifa + Francisca Capeto + Maria Carolina Oliveira + Guilherme Blum + Luan Braga




break boundaries.

break the internet.

like it.

share it.

create it.

stand out, don’t fit in.

feel no shame.

be you. 

be seen.

be everyone.

be meaningful.

be aware.

be relevant.

be a constant change.

never back, always forward.

be limitless.

be ambitious.

be a million identities in one.

who do i wanna be today?



and be influenced.

go against.

make a change.

or be the change.

take a risk.

take a stand.

be bold.

be the future.