Expression Language & Arts Studio is an English course that aims to expand their student’s knowledge of the world through a combination of English, expressiveness, and art. For this identity, I tried to bring the neutrality and elegance of the art universe and also encourage the children expressiveness by co-creation. Through Open Identity Workshops, the students' drawings were used as elements for the identity, making them part of this process. The lettering was made from basic shapes, bringing the idea of construction. Expression's visual identity aims to encourage students' personal expression to the maximum through stencil and illustrations made by them. From a contemporary and instigating visuality, the course’s versatility and diversity are represented.


 The visual language has two different moments to communicate with the younger students and the teenagers. The first moment is composed of colorful illustrations made by the students (which can be updated over time) with white background. The second moment is in duotone and composed of illustrations of letters, to break childishness and communicate better with teenagers. Once the project was completed, the client hired me and Julia B Aguiar (cb+jb) to keep working on the brand implementation.







with Carol Althaller + Luis Baselli

client Expression Language & Arts Studio — Ilana Zalis


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