Cobé is not only a swimwear brand. The idea behind this project was to encourage people to live consciously through a responsible consumption. The biggest task was to deliver a brand that throughout its language and visual communication would express the urge for low consumerism. It was essential that a mix between local production and a sensible expression was created.  In order for that to happen, interviews and research were made around the country, along with a full immersion in this kind of lifestyle.


While composing the brand's visual universe circles were developed from the stamping technique. In the main visual solution, the circle represents an essentially basic and simple form, reinforcing the concept of minimalism, softness, and elegance. This technique brings a more organic and natural vibe for this visual system.





strategist Bia Melges

photos Thomas Rera e Julia Amaral

client Cobé — Larissa e Thais Marouelli


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